Fitting In

Do I Really Belong In the MM Genre?  is a great article. If you haven’t read it, do read it. If you loves books, read it.

Now for my thoughts. What Jeff Erno has so eloquently written is why I know longer participate in the Goodreads group, or any other group that is specifically M/M. The dissension, bigotry, and prejudice are rampant. This sub-genre’s community has become so toxic over the last few years. It was making me unhappy to participate.

The prime reason my business is set up the way it is, is because I believe in INCLUSION. Not just diversity. I listen to people wax poetic about diversity. They are never inclusionary. The M/M community may be diverse, but it continuously fails at inclusion.

I have seen comments such similar to, “EEEEWWWW the author had m/f sex. Vaginas are so gross.” This coming from a woman. WTAF. I got sick and fucking tired of calling people on the carpet. Nothing like reading comments about how “the blacks” are (fill in the blank), or how “the gays” should be (fill in the blank). Nine times out of ten some of these people couldn’t make out the door in a LBTQIA shoes, let alone mine.

I figured, I could do better. Create a place where all are welcomed. That is what I am striving to do.

/end rant


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