I Can Be Cruel: Part 1

She moved to Tucson for the job. It came with great pay, benefits and a plush three bedroom apartment. What more could a girl really want? Waters, Sublette and Blair is a prominent law firm in the city so it was a bonus to get the job. She had been in town 2 weeks before officially starting. She had made a few appearances at the office to have her workspace set up correctly and orientation. She also met the Mr. Waters’ wife. Sweet It’s a three story building with a lovely courtyard in the center.

It was only her third day on the job when she saw him in the courtyard. He was dressed in a black suit with a dark red tie. He had to have been at least six foot two and a build to match. As I approached the courtyard he looked up and smiled. He must be from the third floor she thought. Jason told her there was a construction firm there and the firm handled legal matters for them. She hadn’t time to review the entire client list. She was planning on doing that Friday afternoon.

She stopped to admire some of the new blooms in the garden nearest to the garage when he approached. He smiled almost too excitedly. She smiled back and began to make her way to the door. She decided to say hello.

You must be new here. I work upstairs from you. W

Hi, I started here a few weeks ago. I work for Jason Waters. I’m his new assistant. L

Really? He told me he was interviewing. I hadn’t realized he needed someone right away. W

That is what he told me when he offered the job. Well, I have to get going. Perhaps I will see you around sometime. L

From then on she saw him every morning. He walked her to the building every day. They talked about the weather, books, local news and even sports. She didn’t know a lot of people outside of work and it was nice to talk to someone besides Jason’s wife. She decided not to ask Jason about him. Cynthia, Jason’s wife would be a better person to ask. She would just wait for their lunch date Friday to talk to her about it. It would seem that she had an admirer. The thought made her smile as she went home for the day. She pondered on whether he had a girlfriend or wife and was he just being friendly because she was new to the building. She walked into the silence of her small apartment and continued to think about him every evening. He was well built, she could see that when he reached for the door for her. There was something about him that she had to find out. A little flicker of a flame, she was sure of it.

The subtleness of his daily flirting as they both approached the office building each morning was something that she often looked forward to. He would complement her choice in clothing, shoes or the care in which took to select the perfect accessories to complete her look. The she started seeing him in the cafeteria at lunch. She was quite surprised to see him there. Rumor had it that he never came to the cafeteria for lunch.

He often chose to eat out or no not eat all. He found out by treating his assistant to a very elegant lunch that Layali often ate in the cafeteria. She frequently brought her lunch and a book choosing solace during her lunch break. His assistant offered the latest gossip in the building but he was only interested in her. She was a curiosity for him. The fact that she did not pay much attention to the other companies in the building was a bonus. She mentioned that she was the executive assistant to a partner in the law firm below his office suites. Wyatt rarely paid attention to new hires, but when he spotted her strolling across the plaza admiring the gardens on her way to the building he had to see her closely.

Later that week was when Wyatt was spotted in the cafeteria. There was a hushed excitement in the air since this was his second visit to the space since it had been completed.  He saw here sitting quietly in the back nibbling away at her fruit with a book planted firmly in front of her. He went through the line absently choosing food as he hoped she would still be there when he paid. Taking his food past the other executives he made his way to her little quiet place. As he sat his tray down she looked up and offered a shy smile and moved her things so he could join her.

“I hear your name is “Wyatt”, it was more of a statement then a question.  “And you are Layali”. “That is my name”, she said with a smile that was for him. “It means night”. “And you are named for the great gunslinger”, once again not a question.

He was taken aback by her directness. A shy smile followed by knowing statements. He was thrown by her in less time than it took to walk over. He adjusted in his seat sitting up straighter and leveling his gaze. Her face was unreadable and it unnerved him. He was so used to being in control of every situation. People were often wary that they would make him unhappy. He worked his way up in construction, starting as a gopher and ending with his own construction firm. He was so use to getting most of what he wanted. The things he was missing were only obvious to him and he began to wonder if there were rumors to that. He shook that off.


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