Social Justice, Feminism, and Humor

I find a lot of different things funny. I have laughed at rape jokes, race jokes, profession, jokes, etc. I do draw the line at making fun of the those who suffer from mental disease or defect. This doesn’t mean I don’t poke fun at my own PTSD. I do. I poke fun at the fact that I was raped. If I didn’t find humor, I would not have survived. I am a survivor. I know this.

I was called out today, not by name (I wish it was by name) for sharing a bawdy joke about an unnamed prostitute. I thought it was funny. It’s an old joke, crass in nature. Being lectured on the travesty that is sex trafficking and sex work is something I don’t need. I am well aware of the evils of this world. I have experienced a few first hand. I have to wonder with all of this talk of social justice for women, do we forget that men can be victims as well?

I volunteered many moons ago at a men’s domestic abuse shelter. In a word it was ugly. The women’s shelter I volunteered at received lots of funding. The men’s shelter? Not so much.

I believe in equality. Those who know me well, know I do. The interesting thing is when people state that I should “know better”, they don’t walk in my skin or on my path. The way I see the world varies. I know there are injustices in the world. I have suffered from a few.

I try to make it better by doing what I can, and providing skills to others so they can get ahead. I believe in the right for women to choose their own destinies. To me, that is what feminism is about. The right to choose. I do believe in equal pay and equal rights for all.

As a black woman, I spend a lot of time being viewed as the bottom of the barrell. Not pretty, not educated, not smart. People are surprised that I have a career. Surprised that I adore books, surprised that I am educated, surprised that I don’t have children.

I look at the world as a place of beauty and wonder. Despite the negatives, I do see the beauty. Even with that, I love a good dirty joke. Making light of a situation can draw attention to the plight of another. It can lessen the weight and make a dire situation relatable.


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