WTF Am I Reading

I was scrolling through the  Kindle Unlimited catalog thinking, “I need to push my boundaries”. Whatever that means. I happened upon this series (I was looking for dark and sexy paranormal reads in the M/M genre). I admit I love werewolves, vampires, and zombies. Anything that goes bump in the night. I was looking to be entertained. No thoughts required. Just entertain me and I will be be a happy camper (I despise camping. Who came up with this saying anyway?).


I see it, a book cover with a man in chains. So I do what any well honed pervert does, I download it. And now I am reading the New Haven Series Episode 1 by Nicholas Bella. It was a straight up WTAF am I reading moment. I was HOOKED!


This leads me to wonder how does one evolve as a reader? Do we seek out the unknown for curiosity’s sake or are we looking to push our mental boundaries by stepping out of the box?  I stepped into the world of M/M because I was sick of reading science fiction/paranormal romances where the woman needs saving. All of these meek heroines (I use that term loosely) were getting to me. I am not meek and I can defend myself. I want to read something where there isn’t someone who needs some kind of saving in the physical sense. The  ridiculous descriptions of the women were not helping.  Sassy, curvy, thin with big breast, smart, and loving (but from some kind of orphan, abused, and raised by grandparents).  


I wanted something rough around the edges. No hero rushing in with his guns blazing and sword drawn on his white horse (or SUV). Maybe I was reading the wrong books. Who knows, but I felt the need to branch out. I ended up in the world of M/M. So many choices in things to read. You can feed practically any sub genre you are into with in this world.


I bet you are wondering why a straight black woman reads this genre. Like all of my reading this is an escape. I tend to find more books that I want to read. This doesn’t mean I don’t read other genres, because I do. In the M/M world I have found some amazing authors and even more amazing friends. This may not be for you, but you won’t know until you check something out.


4 thoughts on “WTF Am I Reading

  1. Nicholas Bella is an amazing author! He definitely pushes hard at all boundries! I am a diehard fan! So glad you enjoy his books!


  2. I feel the same way. All that women are weak and needs a strong man to protect her got under my skin. So when I graduated from The Nook Ereader and got me a Kindle Fire I went on line a was searching for MM vampire books free and I came across the same book and stated reading and I was hooked on Nicholas Bella New Haven series . I’m so happy to be reading something so dark and different. I too have made new friends and met new and wonderful authors .


  3. That is almost very close to how I got to read the New Haven series by Nicholas B. Scrolling through the vast amounts of M/M books offered on amazon and getting pulled in by the cover first and then the description of content. Just like you I have a serious problem with most of the modern heroines in novels and was looking for something different. Well, I guess you can say I am hooked and a fan.


  4. Ophelia, I am with you! I felt the same way! Being a straight black woman I was tired of reading the same books but from different authors! I wanted something different! I didn’t want sweet, mushy, predictable books! I wanted to be knocked off my feet & I found Master Nicholas Bell & I fell hard! I’m so in love with Nicholas Bella’s books!! Just when I think, Wow! He has surprised me, I didn’t see that coming, I read the next book & I Wowed again!! Welcome to Nicholas’ World!


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