Assimilation and Love

Have you ever read a book that spoke to you? I mean really spoke to you and you think about for days and weeks after completing it?


I read a series like that not to long ago. It is called Claimings by Lyn Gala. It is a LBTQI science fiction series. It is about a submissive who has been mistreated psychologically. Though the physical mistreatment is absent, there was the fear of it.


I was wrapped up in how Liam (the human of this series and was in the military) functioned psychologically. What made him tick. I got to thinking about myself and my experiences in the military. There are those who are born leaders and those who are born followers. Sometimes there is a blur in the line (most of the time there isn’t).


Liam is a submissive. He so obviously wants to follow. He wants a good leader who will protect him and who make the best decisions for him and for them. This struck a chord with me. I am both submissive and dominant. I float between the worlds as I see fit. It is a curious way to go through life; wanting to lead and be lead. The feelings of loneliness that if you share your true feelings with others they will take advantage of you or that if you don’t you are living in a world of lies and misunderstandings.  


Ondry (the alien of this series) sees Liam hurt and potential. Isn’t that what we all want? Someone to truly see us as we are? Not as a tool to a means to an end, but as someone who needs. Ondry is a leader, young though he may be he took notice of Liam and wanted him for him.  In Ondry, I saw the other half of myself, the leader. I can make decisions to help others along the way. Liam is my other half, wanting to be lead by someone worthy.


When I was active duty, I did not suffer at the hands of a lot of poor leaders, but I wished I had met someone like Ondry. The burdens would have been less. There would have been a lot more joy in following.


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